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 Family Law

Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

When it comes to a divorce/dissolution of marriage, Florida is a "No-Fault" state which means that there is no requirement to show that a party is at fault for the divorce. In order to file for a divorce in Florida, a residency period of 6 months is required. Mr. Trachman has settled, mediated, or litigated countless divorces over his forty years of legal experience.

Child Support

Child support are court-ordered payments typically made by one parent to the other, usually the parent whom the child(ren) primarily resides with. Child support is usually paid until the child(ren) reaches the age of 18 and has graduated from high school. The amount of child support is determined by the court using a specific list of factors determined by Florida Statutes. These factors may include the number of children, each parent's income level, the percentage of time a child spends with one parent, healthcare for the minor child(ren), and daycare/aftercare before expenses.  Mr. Trachman will guide you in resolving your child support issues.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Alimony/spousal support is money paid by one spouse for the support and maintenance of the other. There are no statutory guidelines for alimony/spousal support, so it is difficult to predict how a judge will rule on the matter during a domestic action.  However, alimony will be awarded based on the need and ability to pay of the parties. It is important to speak to an attorney with regards to alimony/spousal support as soon as possible since the issues are complex and often confusing.  Mr. Trachman and his team have the necessary experience in the area of family law to help clients who are seeking alimony/spousal support.

Parental Responsibility/Time-Sharing

Determining what is in the best interest of a child plays a fundamental role in any divorce proceeding. In order to alleviate much of the stress a divorce may have on the child(ren), a parenting plan must be developed and accepted by the court. A parenting plan allows the parties to create a detailed plan covering all important aspects of the child/parent relationship. The need to have a skillful attorney on your side is important in order to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Mr. Trachman’s sensitivity to the needs of clients prove to be instrumental in obtaining results focused around the best interest of the child(ren).

Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the separating of marital property or assets. The distribution of marital assets is to be done equitably or fairly. This does not mean equal to both sides but many times the outcome is near parity to both sides. Call the Law Offices of Robert Trachman and we will be able to guide you through this process.


There may be times when a party seeks to relocate, either because of a new job opportunity, or because they want a fresh, new start. However, when children are involved in the relocation, the party seeking to move must receive the approval of a judge or written consent of the other party. The standard for relocating is whether the relocation would be in the best interest of the child or children. There are several elements a court will look at in order to determine whether a relocation meets this standard. You should have a skillful attorney on your side if you are considering relocating during or after a divorce, or if you oppose the relocation of your spouse.  Mr. Trachman has litigated numerous relocation petitions, and has the necessary skill and experience to reach a successful outcome.

Restraining orders and Injunctions

Restraining orders and injunctions usually take place in stages. The first often involves obtaining a temporary restraining order, which is then followed by a permanent restraining order. Many times an adversarial hearing will be required before a judge enters a permanent restraining order. This can be complex and you should discuss the facts of your case with an attorney before proceeding with the hearing. Restraining orders can be obtained for domestic violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, and dating violence.  If you feel someone is threatening you, or if you feel someone is unjustifiably filing a restraining order against you, call the Law Offices of Robert Trachman and we will use our knowledge to best protect your rights.

Paternity Actions
Paternity actions are legal proceedings regarding the identification of the biological father.  Many times a Judge will order a DNA test to be conducted in order to establish paternity.   These proceedings are oftentimes stressful on the parties, and therefore, it is important to seek the help of an attorney in order to reach a fair result.  Robert Trachman and his team will ensure that you are fully represented throughout all stages of your case.

Modification of Orders and Enforcement

It is conceivable that several years down the road, what was viable or workable may no longer be an option due to changed circumstances. In such a situation, a modification of a prior court order may be required. Changed circumstances may include a change in income, one of the parties getting remarried, relocation, etc. In addition, family law is an emotionally-charged area of the law. Sometimes, one party may refuse to abide by a prior court ruling, and in such cases, seeking the help of an attorney is essential. Robert Trachman will help you with any modifications you may be seeking, or aid with the enforcement of a court order.

Document Review

In these tough economic times, it is may be challenging to find affordable and reliable legal help for your family matter. However, at the Law Offices of Robert H. Trachman, we offer document review services. In other words, if you decide to proceed to court without an attorney, we will review your motions or petitions to verify they have been correctly written. This service will allow you to be better prepared should you decide to proceed without an attorney.

Criminal Defense Services

Drug Offenses

Whether you have been charged with possession, possession with intent to sell, or trafficking of a controlled substance, we can help in your defense. As a former state prosecutor and as an experienced defense attorney, Mr. Trachman will analyze the evidence in your case, and make sure that your rights are fully protected. This experience can mean the difference between successfully defending a case, or facing some of the many steep mandatory prison sentences for drug crimes currently on the books in Florida.


If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, you could be facing harsh penalties, including fines and incarceration. It is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side. Mr. Trachman's first DUI trial was in 1973 and, as such, he has the experience and knowledge to analyze your case and help you in your defense. It is not uncommon for errors to exist, which could ultimately lead to a dismissal of charges, and an experienced attorney is needed to find them.

Violations of Probation

If you have committed a technical violation of probation or have committed a new crime while on probation, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. Once a Violation of Probation has been filed, a warrant for your arrest may be issued. It is crucial to have an attorney to defend you during a violation of probation hearing. The standard of proof is much lower, and the Prosecutor can even sometimes call you as a witness. If the judge revokes your probation, you could potentially face lengthy incarceration sentences.


In Florida, robbery is considered a violent crime, and it is often defined as using force to take another person's money or property. Robberies can sometimes carry very harsh penalties as many prosecutors and judges often see people accused of robberies as a threat to the community. Mr. Trachman, with his extensive experience in defending individuals charged with violent crimes, will be able to zealously defend you and ensure your rights are protected.


Depending on the value of the property, theft crimes are classified as petit theft or grand theft. A petit theft is a misdemeanor, and penalties include fines and jail. A grand theft charge is a felony, which means you could potentially be facing years in prison. The consequences of a theft conviction, even for a petit theft, could be devastating as a theft conviction is considered a crime of moral turpitude. Your prospects for employment could be severely curtailed as your honesty would be questioned. It is important, therefore, to have an attorney evaluate your case, and present all viable defenses on your behalf.


Entering or attempting to enter a house, store, or even a car with the intent to commit a crime inside constitutes a burglary. American jurisprudence considers one's home to be one's castle or a personal sanctuary. As such, a burglary is considered a violation of that sanctuary and is a very serious crime. Some burglary charges can even be punishable by up to life in prison. The importance of having an experienced defense attorney on your side cannot be overstated. If you are facing a burglary charge, call Mr. Trachman's law office now, as he has the required experience to defend you and protect your rights.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence cases involve someone personally known to the defendant, such as a spouse, parent, or significant other, and depending on the facts, an individual can be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony. Domestic violence crimes differ from other crimes because of the proximity between the accused and the alleged victim. Bonds are usually significantly higher and the emotional toll is usually very high. In such a situation, an experienced attorney is needed to navigate through the distress and be able to defend against an accusation.

White Collar crimes

White collar crimes are usually very different from many other crimes in that they can be very technical. As such, a defense for white collar crimes requires experience and a strong background in financial matters. As wide variety of crimes can be classified as white collar crimes, and may include embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, identity theft, etc. Mr. Trachman, throughout his 40 year career, has successfully defended people accused of a wide variety of white collar crimes.

Firearm offenses

Firearm offenses in Florida are a serious matter because of the ten-twenty-life statute. This statute carries harsh minimum mandatory prison terms for crimes committed with a firearm. If you are accused of a crime under the ten-twenty-life statute, the only person who could prevent you from going to prison is your attorney. Mr. Trachman will advocate on your behalf and zealously defend you should you find yourself facing such serious charges.

Federal crimes

Due to the federal system in the United States, you can sometimes be prosecuted by either the federal government or by the state of Florida. Federal crimes differ from state crimes because they are often more complex and involve numerous law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, being charged with a federal crime may mean facing a tougher sentence than a state crime. For these reasons, it is important to hire a defense attorney experienced with handling federal cases, as the stakes may be higher. Mr. Trachman has an extensive background defending federal cases, including complex cases, and will ensure you are protected throughout all the stages of your case.

Sex crimes

Crimes that have a sexual component are often very traumatic to all the parties involved. Because of the stigma such a case may carry, it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced and compassionate attorney. Individuals charged with a sex crime will need an experienced attorney ensuring they are treated in a fair manner, and Mr. Trachman will make sure any person charged with such a crime has their rights protected.

Computer crimes

Computer crimes come in many forms, ranging from email fraud to child pornography. Such crimes require an attorney with significant criminal defense experience, as well as the need to keep up to date with the latest technological developments. Mr. Trachman, on top of having defended numerous people accused of computer crimes, has managed to keep up with the latest technological developments.

Homicide cases

Being charged with a homicide is a very serious matter, and requires an experienced attorney by your side. Homicide cases are classified differently depending on a number of factors, such as the facts of the case, intent, and the severity of the punishment. In Florida, homicide cases range in severity from manslaughter to premeditated murder. People accused in homicide cases may face severe sentences, such as life in prison or even the death penalty. Mr. Trachman has successfully defended people in such cases, and will make sure any person facing these charges receives proper and effective representation.

Driving under the influence

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